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Cleaning Air to Reduce COVID19 Exposure

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Join Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and member of the ASHRAE ETF, Past Chair of ASHRAE 52.2 on the latest update on how to clean air to reduce COVID19 infection.

Abstract: This talk will focus on current ASHRAE ETF recommendations for filtration/air cleaning and on options that can be implemented quickly. The MERV 13 suggestion will be presented along with the rationale and limitations. Options to achieve clean air that are proposed by the ETF will be discussed. This will include in-duct and upper room UV. In-room air cleaners as an option will be discussed including how to implement them to give acceptable air changes of clean air in schools and residences. The concept of layering options to give better or best air quality to reduce particle – viruses, microorganisms, wildfire smoke – exposure will conclude with suggestions to use air cleaners, clean outdoor air, and masks to achieve your goals.


  1. ETF recs on filters and UV

  2. Other options – in-room

  3. Concept of layering options – HVAC, ventilation, and in-room

  4. How to add up the benefits and needs for your situation

  5. Summary


  1. Does the ASHRAE ETF require a MERV13 or better filter in every HVAC system?

  2. How do in-room air cleaners provide source control?

  3. How does layering of air cleaning options work?

  4. How do you know that an air cleaner works?

  5. Outside of helping reduce COVID dose, how do your COVID upgrades help you?

Speaker's Bio

Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and member of the ASHRAE ETF, is the past Chair of ASHRAE 52.2 (the MERV test) and SSPC 145 for gas-phase air cleaner testing. She was the research chair for TC2.3 gaseous contaminants for 10 yr. She is a member of the ETF Filtration and Disinfection team, providing expertise on filtration and the use of air cleaners in various buildings. She is also the vice-chair of tg2.rast, the newly formed reactive air and surface treatment committee. With 35 years of particulate, gas-phase, and bioaerosol air cleaner testing, test method development, and related IAQ research, Kathleen is now a consulting engineer for Owen Air Filtration Consulting.


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