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WFI Ambassadors

SKANJI, Yasmine (France)

Dr. SKANJI is the Director at ZAACK, IGIENAIR Group’s RDI for Indoor Air Quality Services. She is a chemical engineer with a Master’s from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and a PhD in NMR Spectroscopy from the “Institut Chimique des Substances Naturelles”, Ecole Polytechnique. Her thirst of knowledge was further exemplified during her young-long internship at L’Oréal’s bioanalytical department, where she honed her skills and insights into cutting-edge scientific practices. Her dedication to unraveling the complexities of organic and analytical chemistry showcased her commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific research and understanding.

With her role at ZAACK, she attests to her leadership prowess and her pursuit of excellence in the realm of Indoor Air Quality Services. Her contributions continue to shape air quality research and development landscape, elevating industry standards. She focuses on developing and producing innovative systems to monitor and control indoor air quality, using her chemistry skills. Combined with IGIENAIR services, as well as her experience in the field, monitoring allows her to carry out complete diagnoses of the IAQ within a building.

Greenfield, Lisa (USA)

Drake University graduate and experienced educator with 20 years teaching in public schools and the Head Start and Early Head Start Early Childhood Programs. Lisa is currently the Business Development and Marketing Manager for FilterPro USA. Lisa is a dedicated consultant for the education of others regarding the importance and impactfulness of implementing technologies to mitigate indoor air pollution. Additionally, Lisa is serving as the Fellowship Coordinator for SAFE Indoors ASAP, a nonprofit project sponsored by the Mission-Next Foundation 501(c)(3), committed to ensuring indoor air quality as a basic human right. She is focused on educating education’s decision makers on the importance and non-negotiability of quality indoor air.

Lisa Greenfield is an experienced indoor air quality expert and educator of almost two decades. She is deeply committed to creating healthier and safer shared indoor spaces. Her passion for promoting optimal indoor environments extends beyond the classroom, as she believes that all shared spaces should prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of their occupants.

Song, Zhili (China)

Mr. Song, CFSS, currently the Chief Executive Officer of Shanghai Hongli Purification Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China, boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades in industrial filtration and separation, with a specialization in process water treatment. His dedication to the field is reflected in his active roles within professional organizations. He is a member of the Filtration and Separation Professional Committee of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC), the Director of the China Filtration Society (CFS), and a member of the Special Committee for Resource and Environment Construction in the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Jiusan Society.

Mr. Song's notable contributions extend to the development of the Surface Layer Filtration Theory and Technology. He completed his education at East China University of Science and Technology's Department of Chemical Engineering in 1997. He has three patents and more than 15 publications. Mr. Song received the third prize for technological invention from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2012 and the China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Award for Outstanding Project in 2016.

Swamidoss, Felix (India)

Dr. Felix Swamidoss, an emerging figure in the air filtration industry, brings over a decade of specialized experience in filtration technology. His doctoral focus in the field of air filtration has led to more than seven patented innovations in nanofiber media for air filtration, underscoring his remarkable expertise in nanoparticle filtration. Among his notable achievements is the development of the “Piezoelectrically enhanced electrostatic nanofiber media,” a significant innovation alongside the trichome-based nanofiber filter media, known for its lower resistance than ePTFE and its super-hydrophobic properties. In addition, Dr. Swamidoss's expertise extends to nonwoven filter media design, where he excels in crafting media that offers minimal resistance while maintaining an exceptional dust holding capacity (DHC). His groundbreaking work in pleat design and the development of progressive media using expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) have set new benchmarks in air filtration technology.

Furthermore, Dr. Swamidoss has been pivotal in training over 400 industrial employees, enhancing their understanding and skills in air purification. Currently, he is the Head of Research and Development at Spectrum Filtration India, leading a team toward innovative advancements in air filtration technology.

Abdel Ghani, Fadia (Jordan)

Fadia, CFSS, is an Electrical Engineer by profession and the Head of the Engineering Industries Division at Jordan Standards & Metrology Organization. She received her BSc degree in electrical engineering from Yarmouk University - Jordan.

She has extensive experience implementing Green Energy via energy efficiency and renewable resources. She is responsible for transposing the EU Energy Efficiency legislation into Jordanian Technical Regulation and adopting its related harmonized standards. Fadia is an expert in Good Regulatory Practices, the Regulatory Impact Assessment “RIA”, and Good Standardization Practices. She has contributed to many projects in Jordan and MENA region for energy efficiency to mitigate climate change and preserve natural resources. She is a member of many international and regional technical committees taking care of the circular economy, consumer protection, and the safety/performance of household appliances.

Shirmohammadi, Mehdi ( Turkey)

Dr. Shirmohammadi, CFSS, is the R&D manager of Termeh Mask Co., a key face mask manufacturer in Turkey and Iran. He has more than 20 years of experience (academic and industrial) in air filtration systems and respiratory masks. Mehdi is a recognized expert in textile fibers, high-efficiency filter media, and antibacterial adsorbents, involved in co-leading standard development committees at the ISIRI in writing standards for respiratory masks. 

During his air purification research, he worked through the chain of air cleaning processes from polymers, textile fibers, filter media, filter elements, filtration systems, testing instruments, and standardization. He has been focused on antimicrobial adsorber filter media since 2010 and has some patents and publications. Mehdi received his Ph.D. in Textile (chemistry and fibers sciences) from IAU, Iran. He is a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist (CFSS) for air filtration, awarded as WFI’s Student of the Year in 2022.

Nelson, Jennifer (Canada)

Ms. Nelson, CFSS, has over 30 years of business experience in varies industries in Sales, Management and Executive Roles. 8 years as a Filtration Product Specialist with a wealth of experience in researching and studying innovative emerging technologies in the air filtration industry. Encapsulated Electrostatic Precipitation has been my focus with recent advancements Adept at identifying clients needs and ailoring innovative filtration solutions to drive efficiency and optimize processes. With a deep understanding of filtration technologies and their applications across diverse industries, She is committed to delivering results that enhance operational performance and environmental sustainability.

With a deep passion for filtration and a commitment to providing unmatched solutions, Ms. Nelson is dedicated to optimizing process, improving air quality , and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world. She is delicated to empowering clients with the right air filtration solutions that align with their unique requirements and drive lasting success.

Oliveira, Alfredo (Portugal)

Mr. Oliveira, a mechanical engineer with 22 years of experience in refrigeration, is a passionate and dedicated innovator in fluid dynamics and refrigeration systems (vapor compressor, electromagnetic, evaporative, absorption and thermoelectric cooling). Currently, he manages research and development as the Research Officer at Purever Industries, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Filtration is an integral part of refrigeration, preserving fluid purity, making it a natural focus in his role. As the Refrigeration Chair at ASHRAE Portugal Chapter and Convenor of ISO TC86 SC8 WG8, he actively advances refrigeration technology and safety standards, including those related to semi-flammable refrigerants, where filtration is essential for safety and system efficiency.

Alfredo is committed to environmental sustainability, advocating for a safer planet. He promotes the global filtration industry, particularly in the context of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), improving human health and the environment. He is a pivotal link between refrigeration and filtration, ensuring efficient, sustainable, and environmentally responsible systems.

Román, Marta San (Spain)

With over 30 years of diverse international experience spanning innovation, applications engineering, product management, marketing strategy, communications, sales and business development, Ms. Marta San Román stands as an experienced professional within Fortune 100/500 companies and large cooperatives. Her expertise traverses various industries, from electronics to HVACR, solar thermal, and energy efficiency sectors across both established and emerging markets.

Marta has a BS in Physics and is currently serves as the Director General of AFEC, the association of HVAC equipment manufacturers in Spain. In this role, she fervently pursues her dedication to sustainability, particularly in promoting energy efficiency for indoor air quality, comfort, and environmental health in an era focused on decarbonization. Marta’s leadership at AFEC enables her to channel her passion and experience into driving initiatives that positively impact society. Her extensive background and influential position empower her to advocate and implement strategies that align with a vision for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Chaudhry, Sana Nauman (Pakistan)

Mrs. Chaudhry is the CEO and co-founder of BreatheIO, a startup aimed at reducing air pollution in Pakistan by providing clean air access utilizing advanced air filtration technologies. Sana is an experienced architect specializing in sustainable design, focusing on indoor air quality and health-conscious construction materials. Additionally, she serves as a visiting faculty member at the National College of Arts in Lahore. She is the President of the non-profit "Women in Architecture Pakistan (WAP)," which addresses gender disparities in the field. Sana's notable achievements in 2022 include winning the World Summit Award in the "Environment & Green Energy" category for her innovative smart air purifier and receiving recognition from the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Program. 

Mrs. Chaudhry holds the WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) certification from the International WELL Building Institute and is a TURE Advisor certified by the TRUE Zero Waste Certification Institute USA. Sana's professional focus involves investigating indoor and outdoor air pollution in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore, with a specific interest in its impact on vulnerable populations like children and the elderly.

Malloy, Mike (USA)

Mr. Malloy, CFSS, has over 25 years in the Filtration Media Solutions industry. He is an experienced  professional known for his role in developing, launching, and selling innovative products across sectors like Indoor Air Quality, Cabin Air, Gas Turbine, Fluid Power, and Life Sciences. He has held key positions in Product Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Leadership, consistently delivering value by collaborating with top technology and market teams. Mike excels at simplifying complex technical concepts into actionable strategies that generate profitable products. As the Principal of Malloy Strategies, LLC, he specializes in crafting Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies for the Filtration Industry.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in English and a Master of Public Administration from Iowa State University. His unwavering commitment to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world through filtration innovation remains the driving force behind his distinguished career.

Al-Ajmi, Salem (Kuwait)

Eng. Salem Al-Ajmi is a faculty member at the College of Technological Studies in the Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, Kuwait. He is a former Consultant to the Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy in 2021, and participated in several studies and works related to renewable energy strategies. Engineer Salem has experience in preparing and evaluating renewable energy project bids and tenders when he was a member of the technical team in the state to evaluate mega-scale renewable energy projects in 2021. He holds the title of consultant engineer in the field of renewable energy from the classification board accredited by the Kuwait Society of Engineers in 2016, as well as the certificate of renewable energy expert certified by the European Energy Centre in 2018. 

Mr. Al-Ajmi holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, United Kingdom in 2018 and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, USA, in 2000. He is currently a board member of the Arab Council for Sustainable Energy and vicechairman of the council's scientific advisory board. He is awarded first place in National Project Entrepreneurship Competition 2015 in his project idea; E-Waste Recycle plant. He is also an executive member at Arab Renewable Energy Commission.

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