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Education Program

The Waterloo Filtration Institute offers the most comprehensive, cost-effective, flexible, and convenient career/business development opportunities to support the global filtration industry. The 22+ high-quality online courses in our certified filtration and separation specialist program (CFSS) specially designed and instructed by globally leading experts cover:​

  • Filter Media Market and Technologies

  • Nonwoven Filter Media Market and Technologies 

  • Nanofiber Filter Media Technologies

  • Membrane Filter Media Technologies

  • Air Filtration Principles, Technologies, and Market Applications

  • Liquid Filtration Principles, Technologies, and Market Applications

  • Air Filter Design

  • Liquid Filter Design

  • Air Filter Testing and Evaluation

  • Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

  • Face Mask Market and Technologies

  • Engine Intake and Cabin Air Filtration 

  • Hydraulic/Fuel/Lube/Oil Filtration 

  • HVAC Air Filtration for Hospitals, School, residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Particle/Air Separation

  • Solid/Liquid Separation

  • Filtration and Separation in Water Treatment

  • Air Filtration for Power Generation

  • Air Filtration for Hospitals

  • Sustainability Aspects of Filtration and Applications 

In addition to our specialist certification programs, we also provide customized training programs to address the specific needs of our clients. 

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