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Management Team

Sun, Christine, Ph.D.

Dr. Sun is a renowned technical and market expert in the global filtration industry. With over 30 years of experience in academia and the industry, she has an in-depth knowledge of filtration and extensive hands-on expertise in product development with over 100 technical publications and patents. She is also actively involved in many air and liquid filter test standard development.

Dr. Sun worked for Freudenberg Filtration Technologies from 2004 to 2011 as an R&D manager and then as Technology Director for Donaldson from 2011 to 2013. She was the AFS Chair from 2016 to 2017 and received the AFS Fellow Award in 2019, Sr. Scientist Award in 2012, and the best paper awards from INDA in 2008. She is also an editorial board member for Textile Research Journal and Journal of Industrial Textiles. Dr. Sun received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and her Executive Certificate from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management. 


McCreary, Mitch, MBA
Director of Marketing

Mr. McCreary is well known throughout the filtration industry having spent over 30 years in various assignments from Business and Product Development to VP of Sales Organizations. He has worked with and for many of the top 100 Filtration companies in the world as well as several  leading nonwoven manufacturers. His career spans from medical device and laboratory industry to the fluid power and natural gas industry with both air and liquid filtration processes. He most recently spent time in activities with several industry trade associations, and is currently doing free-lance consulting within the liquid and air filtration industry. His broad knowledge of the market and it’s processes provides a unique perspective on market space.

Mr. McCreary  has served on several of INDA’s Filtration committee’s and helped organize several key events within the industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri and MBA from Webster University in St. Louis.


Al-Attar, Iyad, Ph.D.
Strategic Director

Dr. Al-Attar is a mechanical engineer and an independent air filtration consultant. He is also a Visiting Academic Fellow in the School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, consulting for air quality and filter performance relevant to land-based gas turbines. Dr. Al-Attar is an instructor and member of the Waterloo Filtration Institute advisory board. In 2020, EUROVENT Middle East appointed Dr. Al-Attar as the first associated consultant for air filtration affairs. Dr. Al-Attar received his engineering degrees (BSc, MSc, Ph.D.) from the University of Toronto (Canada), Kuwait University, and Loughborough University (UK), respectively. He received his specialization in business and strategy from Harvard Business School. 

As a climate advocate and environmental enthusiast, Dr. Al-Attar is very active in researching sustainable strategies and opportunities for industries with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a columnist in the EUROVENT Middle East newsletter, Climate Control Middle East Magazine, and ES Engineering, USA, and an editorial member/referee in the Filtration Society (UK) and the Journal of Cleaner Production.


Malloy, Mike, MPA
Communications Director

Mr. Malloy has over 25 years in the Filtration Media Solutions industry. He is an experienced  professional known for his role in developing, launching, and selling innovative products across sectors like Indoor Air Quality, Cabin Air, Gas Turbine, Fluid Power, and Life Sciences. He has held key positions in Product Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Leadership, consistently delivering value by collaborating with top technology and market teams. Mike excels at simplifying complex technical concepts into actionable strategies that generate profitable products. As the Principal of Malloy Strategies, LLC, he specializes in crafting Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies for the Filtration Industry.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in English and a Master of Public Administration from Iowa State University. His unwavering commitment to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world through filtration innovation remains the driving force behind his distinguished career.

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