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Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

June 18, 2024,Tuesday

8:00am-10:00am, ET Canada & US

$USD 350

$USD 175 (Member Only )

Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

Course Objective

This course is designed especially for liquid filter product evaluation and industrial standard test methods. It provides a comprehensive introduction to various liquid filtration testing, covering testing methods, standards, and the equipment or instruments used. The course will include filter test techniques and standards for water, fuel, lube oil, hydraulic fluids, and more. Additionally, particle characteristics, efficiency methods, and ratings will be reviewed. The panel will discuss new standard updates, opportunities, and trends.

Course Outline

  1. Fundamental of Liquid Filter Testing

  2. Particle Characteristics and Fuel Filter Rating

  3. Liquid Filter Testing and Standards

  4. New Developments in  Fuel testing

  5. New developments, Trends, and Opportunities (Panel Discussion)

  • Upgrading of the Existing Standards to Qualify Nano and Microfiltration Water Filter Cartridges (Dr Nicolas PETILLON)

  • Flat Sheet Testing for Water and Coolant Filtration (Al Vatine)

Instructor Biography

Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

Dr. Swarna Agarwal


Dr. Swarna Agarwal is Senior Material Scientist at PTI Technologies. At PTI she is responsible for all the liquid, air and fuel cell filter product development for aviation industry. Prior to this, she was Engineering Manager for filtration media R&D at Parker Hannifin, Engine and Mobile Original Equipment Division, USA. At Parker she was responsible for R&D for diesel fuel, hydraulic nand H2 fuel-cell filters. While working at Parker she has developed more than 50 new products and improved the R&D technology and capabilities to an advanced level.  Prior to Parker, she worked as a filtration scientist at UCLA, Water Planet Inc. Los Angeles and ITV Denkendorf Germany. She has over 18 years of academic and industrial experience in new product development for various filtration applications, nonwovens manufacturing, nanotechnology and surface functionalization. She is an expert for coalescence through porous media, emulsion formation, characterization and separation, interfacial and wetting science, bio-inspired textiles, medical textiles, and project management She received the AFS Senior Scientist Award in 2018, Parker Inventor appreciation Award 2021, WFI product of the Year Award 2021. She has over 30 publications, one book and 3 patents. Dr. Agarwal received her PhD from University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

Dr. ing Nicolas PETILLON


Dr. ing Nicolas PETILLON is the CTO of IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives) in France. He has over 25 years of  experience in liquid filtration testing and over 10 years of experience in cleanliness expertise. He serves as Convenor and expert at ISO committee, such as ISO TC 70/SC7; ISO TC 22/SC34; ISO TC 131/SC6. He worked as as an assistant professor at the University of CAEN and a research engineer at SOGEFI FILTRATION in the past. He gratuated from  Chemical engineering, ENSIC – Université de Lorraine (1991) and received his Ph.D. in 1996, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France.

Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

Dr. Vincent Hu


Dr. Vincent Hu is Director of Advanced Filtration Center (AFC), Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI, Taiwan)

Dr. Hu has over 20 years experience in filter testing and evaluation for varous air and liquid applications, such as HVAC, Gas turbine, Fuel,hydraulic, lube oil, turbility, particle and pore size distribution, etc. He is the head of Adanced Filtration Center,  an accredited filter test lab with comprehensive testing capacities at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) located in in Taipei, Taiwan. He is also experienced in building quality control capabilities to monitor filter production processes. Dr. Hu serves as the Executive Director of the Taiwan Filtration and Separation Society (TFS), Director of Taiwan Cleaning Technology Association, and WFI Advisory Board Member. 


 Mr. Al Vatine, President, LMS Technologies, USA

Mr. Vatine is a globally well-recognized expert in various air and liquid  filter testing and evaluation. He studied biology at Macalester College and graduated in Pathology at the University of Minnesota, USA. He started LMS Technologies in 1996 in response to the increasing demand from the industry for filter measurement. Al has over 35 years of experience in comprehensive filtration testing, test equipment design, research and development. The company is establishing the core facility for fiberization, filtration, nozzle design, and filtration research and development. They have successfully designed the largest test system with a capacity of 25,000 CFM and built-in back pulse, rain, sand storm, ice pulse removal, 99% humidity, and saltwater migration testing capability. This system provides realistic test data for gas turbines and large engine intake filters used in the aerospace and defense industry.

Dr. Wu Chen, R&D Fellow at Dow  (retired), USA

Dr. Wu Chen is a recently retired R&D Fellow at Dow. He has 35 years of industrial experience in all areas of solid/liquid separation and air/gas filtration. His experiences include laboratory filtration evaluation, pilot study, full scale installation, startup, production scale operation and trouble shooting. He also has expertise in carbon capture, water management, project management, process design, and plant startup. He has been teaching this course in numerous organizations and countries for 30 years. He is very active in the filtration industry and has been the plenary and keynote speakers in major conferences, served as the chair of the American Filtration and Separation Society (AFS), AFS board of directors, conference chairs, and various committee members. His was awarded AFS Frank Tiller Award for outstanding technical achievements, AFS Well Shoemaker Award for leadership and service to the filtration industry and Fellow Member Award for sustained significant contributions to filtration technologies and filtration industry. In 2024, he received the AFS Lifetime Achievement award which recognized his significant lifetime contribution to the filtration industry.

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