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Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends

March 19, 2024, Tuesday

8:00am-10:30am,  ET Canada & US

$USD 350

$USD 175 (Member Only )

Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends

Course Objective

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, filtration has affected almost all aspects of our daily life and industrial processes, such as power generation, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, data centers, high-tech devices, and transportation, etc. This course aims to provide the audience with an overall understanding of the global filtration market, current increasing demands, challenges, opportunities, and trends. 

Course Outline

Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and TrendsModerated by Mr. Paul Marold, CEO of Aeristus, USA.

Introduction to Global Filtration Market, Dr. Christine Sun, President of WFI, USA.

  • Global Filtration Market

  • Air and Liquid Applications

  • Filtration Concepts and Value Proposition

  • Drivers for Continuous Growth, Trends and Opportunities

Filter Media Market and Trends, Mr. Mike Clark, President, Filtration Solution, Hollingsworth & Vose, USA.

Clean Air in Buildings: The Rapidly Expanding Value for Filtration,  Mr. Tyler A. Smith, Vice President, Healthy Buildings, HVAC and Controls, Johnson Controls, USA.

Air Filtration Outlook, Opportunities and Trends, Mr. Sean O'Reilly, SVP, AAF Flander, USA.

New Challenges and Opportunities in Water Filtration, Mr. Richard Lydon, CEO, Molymem, UK.

Clean Air Filtration Promises, Challenges and Opportunities, Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, WFI Strategic Director, Visiting Academic Fellow, Cranfield University, UK.

Smart Homes and Integrated IAQ, Jatin Khanpara, Dr. Jatin Khanpara, Chief Technology Advisor for Research Products, USA.

Filtration in Transportation, Opportunities and Trends, Dr. Cédric Vallet, Head of Product Management & Business Development – Filtration Division, Ahlstrom, France.

Filtration for Semiconductor Space, Opportunities and Trends, Ir. Yap Wee Keong, Group CEO, MayAir, China.

New Market Updates and Statistics, Mr. Bob Mcilvane, President of the Mcilvane Company, USA

Round-Table Discussion (including live Q&A, led by Mr. Richard Lydon)

Instructor Biography

Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends

Mr. Paul Marold

Host & Speaker

Mr. Marold has 30+ years of professional experience in specialty chemicals and materials businesses with the majority in filtration-related industries. He is a well-known strategic and innovative global leader who delivers sustainable value to shareholders, customers, and employees. He is a C-Level executive with year-after-year success achieving revenue and profit targets in Fortune 100, private-, and mid-tier specialty chemicals and engineered materials industries with demonstrated success in developing and executing winning strategies for business growth. With over 20 years of multi-site, global specialty business leadership with companies like Lydall, Jacob Holm, Clarcor, Buckman, and Ahlstrom, he has become one of the most influential leaders in the global filtration and nonwoven industry. He is a long-standing Board member of INDA (Chairman 2010-2012, 2020). Paul’s specialties include global business strategy, financial and operational leadership, innovation platform development and execution, strategic partnerships, turn-around initiatives, strategic deployment and team alignment, and driving profitable and sustainable growth. Paul is currently Chief Executive Officer, Aeristus, Inc., focusing on developing technology for the filtration, disinfection, and oil & gas industries. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State University and post-graduate work at INSEAD.

Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends

Dr. Christine Sun


Dr. Sun, President of the Waterloo Filtration Institute, is a globally renowned technical and market expert in the filtration and nonwovens industry. With over 30 years of experience in academia and industry, she has in-depth knowledge of filtration and extensive hands-on expertise in product and business development, evidenced by her contribution of over 100 technical publications and patents in the field. She is also actively involved in the development of many air and liquid filter test standards, such as ASHRAE and ISO. Dr. Sun worked for Freudenberg Filtration Technologies from 2004 to 2011 as an R&D manager and then served as Technology Director for Donaldson Company from 2011 to 2013. She was the Chair of the American Filtration and Separation Society (AFS) from 2016 to 2017 and has received the AFS Fellow Award in 2019, the Sr. Scientist Award in 2012, and the best paper awards from INDA (Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry) in 2008. She is also an editorial board member for the Textile Research Journal and the Journal of Industrial Textiles. Dr. Sun received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and her Executive Certificate from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA.

Global Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends

Mr. Richard Lydon

Host and Speaker

Mr. Lydon is a leading expert in the global filtration & separation industry. He has led and held a number leadership positions at public and private filtration & industrial businesses in a career spanning 33 years. Having both a business and technology background, he has helped companies grow and develop on global platform basis through M&A, VC and PE. He is currently the CEO at Molymem Ltd. Richard has held a number of institutional roles including Visiting Professor, previously at Loughborough University and currently at Leeds University in the UK. He is also Secretariat of The Filtration Society and previously lead this knowledge sharing network. He is also Chair of the External Advisory Board (Materials) at University of Manchester, helping & guiding the next generation of STEM graduates and nurturing potential spin-out businesses in the ESG space across the North West of the UK, where he resides. Mr. Lydon is an influential leader in the global filtration industry, having made significant contributions in promoting professional education and sustainable development. He has held the role of co-chair for the WFI Annual Conference from 2021 to 2023.


Mr. Mike Clark, President, Filtration Solution, Hollingsworth & Vose Co. (USA)

Mike Clark has 20 years of filtration experience, including  air, liquid, transportation, and power genertion. He serves as INDA Board of Directors and President of the High Efficiency and Specialty Filtration Division from 2009 to 2020. Mike was a strategy consultant for 8 years working with Fortune 100 manufacturing companies before joining H&V. He received B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA.

Mr. Tyler Smith, Vice President, Healthy Buildings, HVAC and Controls, Johnson Controls (USA)

Tyler has spent 17 years with Johnson Controls in roles focused on leveraging building management systems and HVAC equipment to drive important outcomes such as improvements energy efficiency and indoor air quality. From 2018 to 2020 Tyler led Johnson Controls’ Critical Environments business unit, which designs and manufactures systems for critical spaces such as hospitals and laboratories. Since late 2020, Tyler has led Johnson Controls’ Healthy Buildings initiative with a focus on helping customers leverage productivity and financial outcomes associated with operating healthier buildings. Tyler has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Emory University and resides in Nashville, Tennessee, USA with his wife and two kids.

Mr. Sean O'Reilly, Global SVP HP Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders (USA)

Sean O'Reilly is currently Global Senior VP HP Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders, responsible for Sales, Product Management & Product Development for High Purity Products. He has 35+ years of air filtration & systems expertise for both HVAC & cleanroom, bio-safety applications. He is AAF IEQ North American Task Force Member with Daikin Group. He is a multiple patent holder from cleanroom applications products to sensor technology.

Dr. Jatin Khanpara, Chief Technology Advisor for Research Products (USA)

Prior to this assignment, Jatin led Engineering & Technology organization for Aprilaire, as a Senior Vice President & delivered multiple platforms with innovation. Jatin brings deep experience in Technical, Product Management, Innovation and Business area having held senior-level roles with Whirlpool, Carrier, and Fiskars. During his long career, he has held global leadership roles in Product Creation, Technology, Product Management, Innovation, Change Management, Business Strategy, P&L, Business Growth & Turnaround, Risk Management and building High Performance Teams for consumer and commercial industries. Jatin holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University, and a K.M.I. from Kellogg School of Management. 

Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, WFI Strategic Director, Visiting Academic Fellow, Cranfield University (UK)

A Visiting Academic Fellow in the School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, consulting for air quality and filter performance relevant to land-based gas turbines. A columnist in the EUROVENT Middle East newsletter, Climate Control Middle East Magazine, and ES Engineering, USA. He has authored many articles on air filter design, performance, particle characterization, and climate change. Received his engineering degrees (BSc, MSc, PhD) from the University of Toronto (Canada), Kuwait University, and Loughborough University (UK), respectively.

Mr. Bob Mcilvaine, President of the Mcilvaine Company

Bob founded  the Mcilvaine Company in 1974. Filtration has been their major focus from the beginning. Bob is a globally well-recognized market expert for the filtration industry. Over decades, he has led the company to provide market research and technical evaluations on liquid and air filtration technologies. He has been actively involved in various filtration applications and keeps updated with the latest developments in both air and liquid filtration market.

Dr. Cédric Vallet, Head of Product Management & Business Development – Filtration Division, Ahlstrom (France)

Dr. Cédric Vallet has 20 years of experience in Filtration; in R&D, then in Sales & Marketing. Expertise in filtration media manufacturing and various air & liquid applications. He led the Ahlstrom-Munksjö FiltEV® launch, a new platform of high-performance filtration materials for Electric Vehicles. He received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Rennes (FR) and Engineering Master’s Degree in Chemistry, ENSCR, 2002.

Ir. Yap Wee Keong, President and Group CEO, MayAir is a distinguished leader in the global filtration industry with over 30 years of experience. Currently, he serves as the President and Group CEO of MayAir. As a testament to his expertise, he holds the title of Registered Professional Engineer in Malaysia (Ir.) and plays a pivotal role as the Deputy Director of the Cleanroom Technology Committee of the China Electronic Society. His professional memberships are equally impressive, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia. Academically, Ir. Yap has a Master of Business Administration from Keele University, United Kingdom, and a First-class Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malaya. 

Dr. Stephanie Taylor received her MD from Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts and subsequently practiced pediatric oncology while researching cellular growth control mechanisms for the next several decades.

While taking care of hospitalized patients, she became increasingly convinced that the healthcare facility played a significant role in patient healing and in the healthcare-associated infections that far too many patients acquired during their in-patient treatment. Determined to gain a better understanding of the impact of the built environment on patient healing, she returned to school and obtained her Master's Degree in Architecture. With new insights from her education, she delved into research on the relationship between indoor environments and clinical outcomes of hospitalized patients. Her research revealed new findings on the powerful role of indoor air quality in driving acute infections, chronic inflammation, cognitive impairment, and a multitude of other diseases.  Dr. Dr. Taylor is Harvard Medical School Incite Health Fellow and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer. In 2019, she founded Building4Health, Inc. to scale the powerful yet underutilized approach of managing IAQ from a medical perspective to truly support occupant health.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters is an internationally renowned expert in membrane technology and environmental engineering. He has over 40 years of experience in the field of pressure-driven membrane processes for the treatment of water, process fluids, and wastewater. Related pioneering work was focused between others on the use of reverse osmosis for desalination of seawater, for the purification of landfill leachate and water reuse in different areas. He earned his Ph.D. in 1980 at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg on the subject "Production of drinking water from seawater with reverse osmosis“. After leading management functions in a middle-sized and multinational company, he has been a high-level independent technology consultant since 1986, authored more than 100 publications and more than 50 oral presentations. He is co-editor of a landfill compendium. He received the Stanley Gray Award - Marine Technology 2000/2001 of the IMarEST, London, and the ATCP Award 2007, Concepción, Chile.

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