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Filtration Hour - Well Done Today: Filtration Technologies for Cities

Updated: Apr 19

We just concluded an incredibly enriching session on "Filtration Technologies for Cities", April 18, 10:00-11:30 AM EST. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! The questions from the audience greatly enhanced our discussion on this vital topic.

This 90 min Filtration Hour was chaired by Dr. Iyad Al Attar, Strategic Director of WFI, Canada, and moderated by Mitch McCreary, Marketing Director of WFI, USA. Special thanks to our distinguished speakers who shared their visionary thoughts on the critical roles, challenges, and opportunities of filtration technologies in fostering sustainable cities for healthy living.

  • Nick Agopian, President, Reviveaire LLC. USA

  • Ellie Amirnasr, PhD, Director of Digital Ventures Mann & Hummel, Germany

  • Jon Douglas, Director, Healthy Building Johnson Control, USA

  • Marwa Zaatari, PhD, Board of Directors, US Green Building Council, USA

  • Richard Lydon, CEO, Molymem, Secretary-General, The Filtration Society,  UK

  • Khalifa Al-Jabri, PhD, Distinguished Professor in Civil and Architectural Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Discussions also highlighted the importance of public education and legislation in achieving a clean and healthy city environment. Much of the focus of the discussion was on clean air and water, and whether our business models, designs, legislation, and systems are fit for purpose for cities today and into the future.

Missed the live session? No worries! You can watch the full recording for free here.


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