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Shanghai Hongli Purification Science and Technology Co.

"Shanghai Hongli Purification Science and Technology Co., Ltd." is an internationally leading company that has proposed and put into practice the innovative filtration concept of "surface filtration. It is a high-tech enterprise based on the theory and technology of "surface filtration" developed by Hongli Purification with decades of repeated practice and intensive research. They represent a significant breakthrough in theory and a series of related mathematical models and technical parameters.

"Surface filtration" is a completely new filtration theory and technology beyond the traditional "surface filtration" and "deep-bed filtration" frameworks. It combines the inherent advantages of both "surface filtration" and "deep-bed filtration" while effectively avoiding the inherent drawbacks of these two traditional classic filtration technologies. As a result, this theory and technology possess four major characteristics: high efficiency, long-lasting effect, energy-saving, and material-saving.

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