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Address: 7151 Discovery Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37416

Tel: 423 267 6266 (NANO)

Tel: 423 267 6265


eSpin Technologies, Inc.was founded with the mission to develop the technology to commercially manufacture nanofibers and nanofiber-based products.

Functioning as a self-funded Advanced Research Facility, eSpin has teamed up with several Federal Agencies and Industrial Partners to develop unique solutions for filtration and environmental remediation, functional textiles, and advanced materials. eSpin works with its Partners to enhance existing, as well as develop new-to-the world products by customized application of nanofibers to meet the current and future needs of the Customer.

Today, eSpin has emerged as a global leader in nanofiber technology with commercial manufacturing capabilities and products in the market place. eSpin currently manufactures and markets customized non-woven nanofiber rolls ( nWeb™) for filtration and functional textiles. We have also launched high performance nanofiber-based Air Filters ( exceed ® with nanofibers ) for commercial, industrial, and residential customers requiring superior sub-micron particle filtration. For more information please contact us.

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