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Meltblown Technologies, July 9

Join global leading experts for an in-depth understanding of Meltblown Technologies, July 9, 2024, Tuesday, 8:00am-10:00am EDT. The session will mainly include the meltblown process design, electret charging techniques, meltblown nanofiber technologies, web structures and unique characteristics. The panel will discuss new developments, trends and opportunities.

Course Outline

• Introduction

• Meltblown process design and web characteristics

   –History and key players

   –Fundamentals in meltblown process design

   –Process control variables and web characteristics

• Meltblown Advantages for Filtration 

   –Unique web structure

   –Unique position in filtration

• Electret meltblown polypropylene

   –Electrostatic charging techniques

   –Charge decay and durability

• Nanofiber Meltblown Technologies

• New Developments, Opportunities and Trends

   – Recent Advances and Challenges

   – Meltblown Opportunities for Air & Liquid Filtration

   – New Market Requirements, Trends and Opportunities

   – Q&A and Panel Discussion

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