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Nanofibers in Filtration

July 2, 2024, Tuesday

8:00am-10:00am, ET Canada & US

$USD 350

$USD 175 (Member Only)

Nanofibers in Filtration

Course Objective

Nanofibers have rapidly grown in the global filtration market for advanced filter product design in air and liquid applications, such as engine intake, gas turbines, industrial dust removal, fuel filtration, personal protection, etc. In this course, we will review the principles of why nanofibers can be so effective in enhancing filtration performance and the methods used in the industry to produce various nanofibers; then, we will discuss how to structure the nanofibers in your filter media and desing your nanofiber filter product design. The panel experts will discuss new developments, opportunities, and trends of nanofiber filtration market.

Course Outline

1. Introduction and Review

  •    What are nanofibers

  •    Why Nanofibers

  •    Nanofiber applications in filtration

2. Methods to produce nanofibers

  • Electrospinning

  • Meltblowing

  • Forcespinning

  • Electroblown

  • Fiber splitting

  • Shear spinning

  • Solution blowing

  • Fibrillation

2. Nanofiber Filter Media Structure

  • On the top

  • Mixed blend

  • Sandwiched

  • Laminated

  • Gradient depth structure

  • Nanofiber/particle composite

  • Stand-alone

3. Design Different Nanofiber Filters

  •    Industrial dust removal

  •    Applications in transportation

  •    Gas turbine air intake

  •    New nanofiber facemasks for PPE

  •    Others

4. New Developments, Opportunities, and Trends (Panel discussion)

Instructor Biography

Nanofibers in Filtration

Dr. Christine Sun


Dr. Sun, President of the Waterloo Filtration Institute, is a globally renowned technical and market expert in the filtration and nonwovens industry. With over 30 years of experience in academia and industry, she has in-depth knowledge of filtration and extensive hands-on expertise in product and business development, evidenced by her contribution of over 100 technical publications and patents in the field. She is also actively involved in the development of many air and liquid filter test standards, such as ASHRAE and ISO. Dr. Sun worked for Freudenberg Filtration Technologies from 2004 to 2011 as an R&D manager and then served as Technology Director for Donaldson Company from 2011 to 2013. She was the Chair of the American Filtration and Separation Society (AFS) from 2016 to 2017 and has received the AFS Fellow Award in 2019, the Sr. Scientist Award in 2012, and the best paper awards from INDA (Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry) in 2008. She is also an editorial board member for the Textile Research Journal and the Journal of Industrial Textiles. Dr. Sun received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and her Executive Certificate from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA.

Nanofibers in Filtration

Dr. Bryan D. Haynes


Dr. Bryan D. Haynes is a Senior Technical Director - Global Nonwovens at  Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA. He has 35+ years experience in Meltblown technology, 29+ years experience in “the other” nonwoven technologies,  44 US Patents and 16 Kimberly-Clark Trade Secrets. 

Dr. Haynes is a Recipient of the INDA Lifetime Technical Achievement Award, Society of Women Engineers Rodney D. ChippMemorial Award, and the Kimberly-Clark Technical Excellence Award. He is the co-chair for upcoming WFI 2022 Annual Conference, and the member of several boards including: INDA Board of Directors, Vice Chair of Planning, Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology; Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Georgia; and the Nonwovens Institute at N.C. State University. He also serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary for Georgia FIRST which is a non-profit organization that supports STEM programs in Georgia. 

Dr. Haynes has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S.and B.S.  in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA.

Nanofibers in Filtration

Dr. Gajanan S. Bhat


Dr. Bhat is a Georgia Athletic Association Professor of Fibers and Textiles, Head of Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors ,University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

After earning his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in textile and polymer engineering, Dr. Bhat joined the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) in August 1990, where his research covered nonwovens - melt blown, spunbonded and biodegradable, plastics recycling, nanotechnology, sustainable materials, and high performance fibers. As the director of UTNRL he demonstrated successful production of nanofibers from thermoplastic polymers by meltblowing. In July 2016, he joined UGA as the Head of the Textiles and Merchandising and Interiors (TMI) department. Dr. Bhat has published more than 200 research papers, has three US Patents and has made more than 250 national or international presentations. He has served as the president of the Fiber Society and is also an active member of INDA, TAPPI and the Textile Institute. Some of the awards/recognitions he has received include:

  • Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni by Georgia Tech (1996)

  • Distinguished Achievement Award from the Fiber Society (1999)

  • Fellow of the Textile Institute (2005)

  • TechniTex India Research Achievement Award (2008)

  • TAPPI NET division Technical Achievement Award (2014).

In addition to conducting research in the area of nonwovens since 1984, Dr. Bhat has taught nonwoven courses at UTK, and was involved in developing and teaching the introductory nonwovens training course with INDA. He has also been part of the nonwovens tutorial and INTC and TAPPI NET conferences. In addition to being part of the Textile and Nonwovens Development Center (TANDEC) conference for several years, he has served as session chair and organizing committee member of  several TAPPI and INDA technical conferences.  Many of his former students are working in reputed nonwoven companies as well. He has been working with many nonwoven companies in product development and solving problems.


Dr. Cédric Vallet is the Head of Product Management & Business Development – Filtration Division, at Ahlstrom (in France). He has 20 years of experience in Filtration; in R&D, then in Sales & Marketing. Expertise in filtration media manufacturing and various air & liquid applications. He led the Ahlstrom-Munksjö FiltEV® launch, a new platform of high-performance filtration materials for Electric Vehicles. He received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Rennes (FR) and Engineering Master’s Degree in Chemistry, ENSCR, 2002.

Dr. Jayesh Doshi, Founder of eSpin Technologies, is a well-known leading expert in nanofiber research and production. He is the founder of Chattanooga, Tennessee-based eSpin Technologies. His nanofiber journey started in 1989 at the University of Akron, and over the past 30 years, he has been pursuing nanofiber technology development to commercialization. During his nanofiber journey, he has developed and scaled nanofiber production to convert media into products and technology demonstration. Dr. Doshi earned his doctoral degree in Polymer Sciences from the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA.

Mr. Douglas Guimond, Chief Scientist, Hollingsworth & Vose Company, is a leading expert at Hollingsworth & Vose with 30+ years of experience developing composites, gradient density filter media, and Nanofiber media. In addition to product development, Doug has held leadership positions for H&V and has led several process developments supporting wet-laid and dry-laid media development for filtration and energy solutions. This includes several patents in the areas of gradient density filter media, wet-laid processes, and Nanofiber filter media. Doug has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, and before joining H&V previously worked as a Process Engineer for Morton Thiokol & Anomet Products.

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