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Well done! What's next?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Air Filtration for Hospitals

Today’s keynote lecture addressed the particular air filtration criteria and practices for the hospital-built environment. Dr. Iyad Al-Attar (Visiting Academic Fellow, Cranfield University, UK) and Mr. Steve Nichalos (past NAFA Chair, USA) shed light on aspects relevant to common contaminants challenging the installed air filters and highlighted the key parameters influencing filter performance and verification, selection, installation, and stages, as well as the processes associated with particle loading and filter clogging.

Participants also learned how climate and operational conditions influence filter performance and practical techniques for measuring, monitoring, and managing the air quality needed to protect the health and safety of patients, healthcare workers, visitors, and HVAC equipment.

Eventually, the instructors and panelists (Mr. Hunter Most, App. Eng. Manager, AAF Flanders; Ms. Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow, and Dr. Christine Sun, president of WFI) answered multiple questions from the audience and shared their thoughts and perspectives on the recent updates on the associated filtration standards, developments, filtration challenges, and future trends for healthcare facilities.

We (Waterloo Filtration Institute) want to thank our instructors, panelists, and audience for an excellent course well received today. The video recording is now available on demand here.

Filtration in Transportation

Our next course will be focused on filtration applications in transportation vehicles, especially on Engine Intake and Cabin Air Filtration, September 20, 2022, 8:00am-10:00am, EDT. It will be led by Dr. Christine Sun, president of WFI.

This course aims to provide the audience with an overall understanding of how filtration is used in modern vehicles and why it has been becoming more and more critical in protecting people’s lives and equipment. The focus will address air filtration applications in transportation vehicles, mainly engine intake air filtration and cabin air filtration, including product design, filter media technologies, and product evaluation. Emerging challenges, new impacts of electric vehicles (EVs), opportunities, and trends for future development will also be discussed.


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