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Welcome DCS Nano Filtration Enterprises to WFI Membership

On behalf of the Waterloo Filtration Institute Management Team, WFI Advisory Board, WFI Ambassadors, and WFI Corporate Members, we are excited and honored to welcome DCS Nano Filtration Enterprises to WFI membership!

About DCS Nano Filtration Enterprises

DCS Nano Filtration Enterprises was built on 30 years of experience as a leading supplier of industrial-application filtration systems and filtration-related technologies, We have become the first-choice supplier for conventional filtration solutions and since earned an industry-leading reputation for innovation through our research and development of nanofiber technologies and their bespoke applications for heavy-industry filtration and purification. Our NANO™ series — available exclusively through DCS Controls — is now in-use across more than a dozen industrial sectors and an ever-increasing number of industry-specific applications.

From our headquarters in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, our team is proud to work with heavy-industrials worldwide to manufacture and satisfy their filtration and purification requirements.

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About Waterloo Filtration Institute

The Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to propelling the filtration and separation industry towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future. Through our comprehensive education programs and robust industry support, we equip individuals with the knowledge, creativity, and skills to drive innovation and excellence. We offer a broad spectrum of resources, from cutting-edge research on filtration technologies to professional certification and networking opportunities. At WFI, we're bridging the gap between academia and industry to advance filtration and separation processes worldwide. Join us in our mission to create a better world through innovative filtration solutions.

Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities for your business growth. It demonstrates your leadership and dedication to building your team and future for a cleaner, healthier, and better world. Member companies can access all our advanced professional education programs and services for free or at half price. Discover more about the benefits of joining and why it's a pivotal decision for your business here.

Once again, Welcome DCS Nano Filtration Enterprises to WFI Membership!


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