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Today's Recording: Filtration Media Technologies

Waterloo Filtration Institute is pleased to release today's course Filtration Media Technologies, March 21, 2023, 8:00-10:00 am EDT. It provides a comprehensive review of various filter media technologies, recent developments, opportunities and trends. We want to thank Dr. Cédric Vallet, Head of Product Management & Business Development – Filtration Division of Ahlstrom (in France), Dr. Amsarani Ramamoorthy, Senior Scientist of Hollingsworth & Vose, Mr. Scott Yaeger, President/CEO of Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc., Dr. Christine Sun, President of WFI, and our wonderful audience for a fantastic program delivered, including:

  • Introduction to filtration

  • Common filter media types

  • Filter media technologies for air filtration

  • Filter media technologies for liquid filtration

  • Characteristics and requirements of filter media

  • Things to consider for filter media selection

  • New developments in air/liquid filter media

  • Unmet needs and trends for future development

  • Panel discussion: Unmet need, opportunities and trends

The video recording is now available here for your review if interested. You may also access the full presentation and video recording via the course website.

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Air filtration, 3/28/2023



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