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New and Advanced 2D Membranes & Applications

Join Dr. Paul Wiper and Mr. Luke Davies of Molymem, UK, for the "Advanced Technologies for Next-Generation Filtration Solutions" session at the WFI 2023 Annual Virtual Conference on December 5, 2023. Discover cutting-edge advancements in the field as they present innovative 2D membranes based on two-dimensional molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) for highly efficient water filtration. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the forefront of filtration technology.

Dr. Paul Wiper is the Business Development and Project Manager at Molymem Ltd. responsible for the growth, deployment and commercial exploitation of the 2D membrane coating technology. Prior to this role, he was Application Manager at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) heading up the deposition and printing laboratories, which developed a range of 2D material applications and technologies across semiconductor and energy-storage sectors. In addition, Paul was the programme lead of an ERDF funded programme, Bridging The Gap. The aim of the programme was to work with Greater Manchester SMEs to develop and accelerate the commercialisation of graphene/2D materials products and processes. Prior to this role, he was the Business Engagement/Product Manager at AIXTRON UK Ltd. responsible for the sales and growth of the 2D/Nano division. Paul has PhD in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, has extensive research experience working with BP and Pilkington Glass (NSG) and has authored over 21 research publications. Mr. Luke Davies began working for Molymem in 2021, following on from the completion of a master’s degree in chemistry at The University of Manchester. He began his career at Molymem as an Application Scientist, focusing on the design and optimisation of 2D MoS2-based membranes for nanofiltration applications, pairing chemical functionalisation and characterisation to develop structure-performance relationships for these membrane systems. Luke currently works as a Laboratory and Project Manager for Molymem, working closely with the technical team to further develop Molymem’s technology in key application areas, and to scale the technology from the lab into practical membrane systems.

Dive into the full spectrum of the WFI 2023 Program here, encompassing 24 diverse topics across four enlightening sessions:

Session 1: New Regulations and Demands for Clean Air and Water

Session 2: Advanced Technologies for Next-Generation Filtration Solutions

Session 3: Sustainable Filtration Solutions for a Circular Economy

Session 4: Filtration's Impact on the Future of Our Planet

Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with world-leading experts in filtration, clean air and water solutions, fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment. Reserve Your Seat Now to immerse yourself in the excitement of the Filtration Summit, where innovation converges with industry excellence and emerging opportunities.


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