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Current Filtration Market Opportunities and Trends

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Thanks again to all our distinguished speakers and panelists for an informative webinar very well delivered on Clean Air Strategies for Public Health this Tuesday:

  • Filtration Technologies for Clean Indoor & Outdoor Air: What are the Requirements for IAQ and Health, Chris Muller, AAF Flanders

  • Leveraging technology to achieve IAQ, wellness, and decarbonization goals, Tyler Smith, Johnson Controls

  • Indoor Airborne Particle Control by HVAC Filters and Room Air Purifiers, John Zhang, 3M

  • Cleaning Air to Reduce Covid19 Exposure, Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow

  • Panel: Paolo Tronville, Politecnico di Torino (Italy); Jim Rosenthal, Tex-Air Filters; Marwa Zaatari, D ZINE Partners; R. Vijayakumar, AERFIL; Ellie Amirnasr, qlair

The webinar was overwhelmingly received and attended. Thank you all for your participation. Thank you for your questions which led to a very interactive Q&A and panel discussion.

What's Next? Our next education event is WFI CFSS 2022 opening ceremony on March 15, 2022, 8:00 – 10:30 am EST. The topic is "Current Global Filtration Market, Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends". We are honored to have Val Hollingsworth (President, H&V), Sean O'Reilly (Global VP, AAF Flanders), Bob Mcilvaine (President, Mcilvaine Company), Kevin Jameson (President, PureAir Filtration), Bart Sistrunk (Commercial Director, SWM INTL) and Richard Lydon (Professor, The Filtration Society, UK) with us. Besides an introduction to the global filtration market, our industry leaders will share with you the latest industrial update impacted by COVID, unmet needs, opportunities, and their vision for the future of the filtration industry. The CFSS 2022 program includes 22 unique online training courses developed by globally leading experts. It covers air filtration, liquid filtration, filter media technologies, nonwovens, nanofibers, membranes, various filtration market applications, timely relevant hot topics, and new developments associated with filtration. It aims to provide you with the most comprehensive, informative, practical, affordable, and convenient program for your continuous career and business development to support the fast-growing global filtration industry. Join the program HERE and then you will have access to all our courses, webinars, handouts, and video recordings.

You can also register for the program directly from these links: Regular $3500, WFI Member $1750, Student $149, WFI Alumni $149, Unemployed $149.

If you are interested in Registering Only for This Course, Click HERE.


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