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CFSS 2022 Opens with Promises

March 15, 2022, marked the start of Waterloo Filtration Institute's third year of comprehensive instruction with its CFSS 2022 Opening Ceremony to become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist. The 2½ hour conference was successfully held and included experts from AAF Flanders, Hollingsworth and Vose, PureAir Filtration, Mcilvaine Company, SWM, eSpin, UFT (Canada), Filtration Society (UK), University of Georgia, and Dr.-Ing. Peters Consulting (Germany). It was very well attended and provided an excellent update of current filtration market status, challenges, opportunities, and trends as well as an introduction to the global filtration market and a brief review of what we have learned during the pandemic. We would like to thank all our speakers and panelists for their fantastic speeches and their visionary insights into the future filtration industry. Thank you to all the attendees for your participation.

Missed our live opening ceremony? No worries. The video recording and course handouts are now available on-demand. You may consider joining CFSS 2022 Program for the best value. It saves $7,941/$6,348/$4,598 for WFI alumni & Students/WFI members/Non-members if you register for the CFSS 2022 Program HERE.

Next Course: Nonwovens in Filtration

Our next course Nonwovens in Filtration, Tuesday, March 29, 8:00-10:00 am EDT will feature Dr. Gajanan Bhat, Department Head of Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors at University of Georgia. Dr. Bhat's course will provide the attendees with an overall understanding as to what nonwovens are and how they are made differently from other fabrics and why they are so increasingly used in the filtration market with continuing innovations. This course will also cover recent innovations and developments, as well as the options available for the industry to develop new products.

WFI Membership

Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities. It shows your leadership and gains company recognition in the filtration community. It shows your peers that you are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry with continuous innovations and investment for the future. Find out more about the benefits here.


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