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Air Filtration Testing and Evaluation, May 9

Join globally leading experts at WFI's upcoming course Air Filtration Testing and Evaluation, May 9, 8:00-10:00 am EDT to learn air filter testing principles, methodologies, published test protocols, and new developments.

Course Outline

1. Fundamentals of air filter testing methods

  • General concepts/basic objectives

  • Specific assessment of testing dynamics (Flow rate/velocity/permeability)

  • Important Basic air filtration product development steps

2. Air Filtration testing methodologies and published test protocols

  • Summary of global test methods

  • Interaction and standards development processes

  • Product performance criteria and characterization

3. Important terms, definitions and technical issues

4. Data quality and validation techniques

5. New developments in testing and assessing indoor air quality

New Course Release

Upcoming Courses

Filtration Hour

Missed our Filtration Hour last week on Sustainability Aspects of Air Filtration: Reimaging Air Filtration from Design and Disposal, April 28, 10-11 am EDT? No worries. You may download the presentation and watch the video recording here.


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