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2022 Product of the Year - Innovative Product

The 2022 Product of the Year in the category Innovative Product goes to

  • MayAir for the Regenerable Ion Exchange Filter

  • Alkegen for the Lydair GP Multi Sorbent Media

  • PureAir Filtration for the Electronic Bed Monitor

"We thank WFI for the recognition of the innovation of second generation adsorbent bed media monitor (EBMv2). This is a technology which brings value to the customers in our specific industry – one of the last filtration technologies to adopt real-time monitoring." Kevin Jameson, President of PureAir

"We are delighted to receive the award for Innovative Product of the Year for Lydair GP by Alkegen. This is the significant achievement for our AMC adsorption technology line for demanding application of fuel cell, clean spaces and where there is a struggle with multiple fugitive gases. The award confirms our commitment to provide media solutions for high end filtration applications. We will continue developing innovative filtration media through a global reach, breakthrough inventions and products that enable the world to breathe easier, live greener, and go further than ever before." Alkegen


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