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WFI 2021 Speakers and Topics

Meet WFI 2021 distinguished Speakers by clicking their names below and see what they are going to talk about at WFI 2021, December 7-8, 2021.

Session 1: Market Dynamics and Mega Trends after COVID-19 Mr. Sean O’Reilly, Global VP HP, Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders, USA Dr. You-Zhi Tang, CEO, Canada CleanTech Capital, Canada Mr. Bob Mcilvaine, President, The Mcilvaine Company, USA Mr. Tyler A. Smith, Executive Director - Healthy Buildings, Johnson Controls, USA

Session 2: Novel Clean Air Solutions for Public Health Dr. Thomas Caesar, Engineering Director, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, Germany Dr. Christof Asbach, Dept. Head, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology, Germany Dr. Zhengwei Long, Full Professor, HVAC Engineering, Tianjin University, China Dr. Ellie Amirnasr, CEO, qlair, USA

Session 3: Emerging Technologies in Water Filtration Mr. Jochen Kallenberg, Director Water Treatment, Dryden Aqua, Switzerland Dr. Kuo-lun (Allan) Tung, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Dr. Peter Fiske, Executive Director, National Alliance for Water Innovation, USA Dr. Anntti Häkkinen, Professor, LUT University, Finland

Session 4: New Techniques in Product Evaluation Ms. Sarah Smit, Senior Lab Operations Manager, Nelson Laboratories, LLC, USA Mr. Al Vatine, President, LMS Technologies, Inc., USA Dr. Nicolas Petillon, CTO, IFTS, France Dr. Miao Li, Research Development Engineer, Cummins Filtration, USA

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