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WFI 2020 Conference Day ONE Wrap-Up for Dec 15th, 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) completed the first day of a global two-day conference with great attendance and some very professional and knowledgeable speakers. Today’s topics focused on two current issues; 1. Emerging Challenges and Responses, and 2. The IAQ and the Built Environment. Each session had between 3-4 speakers listed below;

Dr. Thomas Caesar – Cleaning Air during A Global Pandemic

Dr. Abhishek Saha - Recent advances in assessing the role of respiratory droplets in spreading of COVID

Mr. BobMcIlvane - Impact of COVID 2019 on the Air filtration Industry

Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy - Center of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials

Hunter Most - Shifting Paradigms for the Future of Air Filtration

Joe Gorman - How the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic has forever influenced the air filtration industry

Jim Rosenthal - A Closer Look at Air Filtration, Indoor Air Quality and Covid-19

Dr. Ellie Amirnasr - The Digital Transformation of Clean Air Management

A number of new products were recognized by their designed to aid in the current Pandemic Crisis that came from a truly global footprint covering; 6 Countries with 20 Nominations of 17 unique products and 14 companies for consideration.

Four Innovative Product Awards were also selected from Pure Air Filtration, IFTS, Camfil and Hangzhou Specialty Paper.

Product of the Year Awards went to Donaldson Torit for their Rugged Pleat Baghouse and Filter and Hollingsworth and Vose for their newly upgraded NanoWave® XT filter media. Each product was represented by Joe Kiolbasa and Suzana Vidakovic, respectively.

We are honored to have had such a list of Products and Speakers and our conference today and we extend our thanks for their participation.

But wait, there is another day of activity scheduled for December 16th that will prove to be even more amazing with the focus on 1. Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments, and 2. Test Methods and Standards.

Plus, this will conclude our training course with a graduation ceremony for all of our students from this year’s Certified Filtration and Separation Specialists.

Speakers for tomorrow's conference are below.


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