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Well done! Thanks Bob and Panel!

Thanks, Bob Burkhead, President of Blue Heaven Technologies for an excellent course about Air Filter Testing and Evaluation this morning. We also want to express our sincere thanks to our distinguished panelists for their fantastic support in addressing live questions.

  • Al Vatine, President, LMS Technologies

  • Tim Johnson, Product Specialist, Particle Instruments, TSI

  • Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow, ASHRAE 52.2 Past Chair

  • Christine Sun, Ph.D., President, WFI

The course was moderated by Mitch McCreary, Marketing Director, WFI.

The course went over test methodologies and processes used in developing air filtration media and filter products. Over 20 air filter test methods for different market applications were discussed with some new developments. Emphasis was also given on how the data quality must be assessed and utilized for meaningful project outcomes.

Well done! Thanks, Bob, Al, Tim, Kathleen, Christine, and Mitch! Thanks to all our audience for their participation.


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