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Welcome Camfil to WFI Membership

Updated: Feb 21

On behalf of the Waterloo Filtration Institute team, WFI Advisory Board and ambassadors, we are excited and honored to welcome Camfil to WFI membership!

About Camfil

Founded in Sweden in 1963, Camfil is today a world leader in air filtration solutions protecting people, processes and our planet for more than half a century. We are a family-owned company and manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, and customers in all applications areas across the world who have come to rely on our innovative products and services. We are proud to have achieved the recognition from a wide variety of industries and  communities across the world.


Today we are more than 5600 passionate colleagues across world serving customers in more than 35 countries,  and every year delivering more than 2 million products and solutions from our 30 production facilities. With our steadfast focus on fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations and industry regulations with the least energy usage, we believe that the best solutions for our customers are also the best solutions for our planet.


From innovation and design, to delivery and operations across the product life cycle, we consider the impact of what we do: on people and on the world around us. Innovation, customer understanding and problem solving has always been part of our DNA where we aim to conserve more, use less and find better ways – so we can all breathe easier and minimize the impact on our shared environment.


Visit to learn more about the importance of Clean Air and our innovative solutions.

About Waterloo Filtration Institute

The Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to propelling the filtration and separation industry towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future. Through our comprehensive education programs and robust industry support, we equip individuals with the knowledge, creativity, and skills to drive innovation and excellence. We offer a broad spectrum of resources, from cutting-edge research on filtration technologies to professional certification and networking opportunities. At WFI, we're bridging the gap between academia and industry to advance filtration and separation processes worldwide. Join us in our mission to create a better world through innovative filtration solutions.

Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities for your business growth. It demonstrates your leadership and dedication to building your team and future for a cleaner, healthier, and better world. Member companies can access all our advanced professional education programs and services for free or at half price. Discover more about the benefits of joining and why it's a pivotal decision for your business here.

Once again, Welcome Camfil to WFI Membership!


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