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Webinar: Air Filtration & Facemask Update on COVID-19

Following to our first two webinars, this webinar will further discuss air filtration and facemasks in response to COVID-19, including its continuous impact on air filtration market, new updates from ASHRAE, general practices in hospitals and buildings, lessons learned from the field and latest developments of facemasks and air filtration to prevent coronavirus infection and keep people safe.

Tentative Agenda:

Air Filtration COVID-19 Response, Bob Mcilvaine, Mcilvaine company

Update from ASHRAE, Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE 52.2 Chair

Update from Air Filtration Practice, Tom Justice, NAFA Chair

Lessons Learned from the Field, Stephen Nicholas, Air Industrial Services

New Developments in Facemasks, Kari Luukkonen, Fibertex

New Developments in air filtration, Leonard Castellano, Parker

Q&A Panel experts to answer live questions also include:

John Zhang, 3M

Sean O'Reilly, AAF/Flanders

Bob Burkhead, Blue Heaven Technologies

Kevin Jameson, PureAir Filtration

Vijay R, Aerfil

Eric Fu, Aimwell Australia

Al Vatine, LMS Technologies

Gajanan Bhat, University of Georgia

It’s a free educational webinar. Register now


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