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Video: Liquid Filter Design Today

Updated: Jun 9

Thank you all for an insightful advanced session today on Liquid Filter Design, June 4, 2024, 8:00-10:00AM, ET, featuring the following distinguished instructor/panelists,  and concluded with an excellent panel discussion on New Developments, Opportunities, Trends.

  • Dr. Wu Chen, R&D Fellow of Dow (retired) and AFS Fellow, USA

  • Dr. Eric Hoek, Professor in UCLA, USA

  • Dr. Swarna Agarwal, Sr. Material Scientist, PTI Technologies, USA

  • Dr. Ing. Thomas Peters, Sr. Director, Dr. Ing Peters Consulting, Germany

  • Mr. Richard Lylon, CEO, Molymem, Secretariat of The Filtration Society, UK

  • Mr. Mark Willingham, AFS Fellow, Independent Consultant, USA

  • Mr. Scott Yaeger, President/CEO of FAST, USA

Missed the live session? No worries. The course material and full recordings are available via the course webpage:

Upcoming Next: Solid/Liquid Separation, June 4, 2024, 8:00-10:00AM, ET


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