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Leading wastewater treatment with MBR into an energy efficient and sustainable future

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Join Dr. Klaus Vossenkaul, CEO, Membion GmbH, at the WFI 2022 Annual Conference on December 7, 2022. He will be addressing some of the recent developments in the use of membrane bioreactor (MBR) for energy efficiency.

Leading wastewater treatment with MBR into an energy efficient and sustainable future

A membrane bioreactor (MBR) combines biological wastewater treatment with membrane technology and leads to a significantly improved water quality with only the space required. Bottlenecks of MBR so far are a high energy consumption for membrane flushing and fine screening requirement of the incoming wastewater. The new membranes of Membion overcome these bottlenecks and offer economically attractive advantages with four design features: Membio's "JetSplash"® technology is a pulsed aeration system that reduces the energy requirement for membrane flushing by up to 90 %. Additionally, the investment cost for the equipment is reduced, and there is no backwashing of the membranes required anymore. Membion “Single-header”-design fixes the hollowfiber membranes only at their bottom side, while hairs and fibrous compounds are stripped off from the free-moving top ends resulting in lower pre-treatment needs. Membion “BundleTube”-design arranges membrane bundles inside of rectangular tubes with defined surrounding downward-flowing zones leading to further energy reduction and reduced space for module installation. Membion “Built2fit” modular design allows different module sizes, flexible in all dimensions (also as double-decker) according to customer requirements. First full-scale references are in operation and demonstrate that Membion is a game changer in economic efficiency for wastewater treatment with MBR technology.

2022 Product of the Year Nomination

The award is set to promote product development in the filtration and separation industry for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. Find more about the 2022 Product of the Year Nomination HERE.


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