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Latest Updates on Face Mask Market, Technologies, and Opportunities

Thanks to all our speakers and participants for a very informative webinar well delivered today on the face market, technologies, new developments, opportunities, and trends. We appreciated great questions from the audience and an excellent interactive panel discussion at the end.

1. Introduction to Face Masks (Christine Sun)

2. Updated Market Analysis (Bob Mcilvaine)

3. Meltblown Processes and Electrostatic Charging Technologies (Peter Tsai)

4. Nanofiber Technologies in Face Mask Applications (Christine Sun)

5. Face Mask Testing and Performance Requirements (Sarah Smit)

6. Opportunities and Trends for further growth (Christine Sun, Jayesh Doshi, Bob Mcilvaine, Peter Tsai, Sarah Smit)

No worries if you missed it and are interested in the topic. The video recording is available on WFI Course Website. We look forward to seeing you at our next course Particle/Air Separation on May 10, 2022. Stay well!


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