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Just in case you missed it: WFI CFSS 2021 has started

This morning Tuesday, March 9, 2021, was the start of the Waterloo Filtration Institute CFSS 2021 program.

Introduction to the Global Filtration Market

Our course was well received and had great attendance thanks to our knowledgeable instructor Jay Forcucci who presented: Introduction to Global Filtration Market.

The course was followed by a panel discussion. Our panelists, some of the leading experts in the field, provided new insights into the New Opportunities and Trends of the Global Filtration Market and provided us with many new thoughts for the growth of the market.

Next course

The course will be presented by Dr. Gajanan Bhat, Georgia AA Professor of Fibers and Textiles, and Department Head Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors of the University of Georgia, USA. This course will provide an overall understanding as to what nonwovens are and how they are different from other fabrics, critical to the development of filtration products. The topics will cover Nonwoven products and markets, Nonwoven production, Nonwovens testing and characterization, among others.


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