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Filtration This Week at ANEX2024 and TFS2024, Taipei

We are excited to announce that Dr. Christine Sun, President of the Waterloo Filtration Institute, USA, will be at ANEX2024 and TFS2024 this week in Taipei. She will address two significant topics:

  • "Emerging Opportunities of Nonwovens in Filtration" on May 23 at ANEX2024

  • "Filtration Market, Opportunities, and Trends" on May 24 at TFS2024

Dr. Sun will share her valuable insights into the latest market dynamics, new opportunities, and future trends in the nonwovens and filtration industry. Join us at ANEX2024 and TFS2024 to gain cutting-edge knowledge and network with industry leaders as we explore the future of filtration technology together for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world.

Want to grow your team and business in the fast-growing clean air  and clean water space? Want to become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist (CFSS)?  Join the CFSS 2024 Program,  the most comprehensive, practical, cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible professional program uniquely tailored to foster your business growth, team enhancement, and individual professional advancement in the global filtration industry. Over 24 training courses are specially developed and delivered by globally leading experts. It covers:

  • Global Filtration Market

  • Filter Media Market and Technologies

  • Air/Liquid Filtration Technologies

  • Air/Liquid Filter Design

  • Air/Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

  • New Developments, Opportunities, and Trends


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