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Facemask Market and Technologies

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

April 27, 2020, Tuesday, 8:00am-10:00 am, ET Canada & US

Course Objectives This webinar will provide you with the latest update on facemask market analysis and the technologies used to make facemasks, especially meltblown and electrostatic changing technologies, as a primary method for making core facemask filtration layers. We will also discuss the latest developments on test methods and certification standards for the facemasks, as well as the trends for future growth. Course Outline 1. Introduction (Christine Sun, 10 min)

2. Face Mask Markets (Bob Mcilvaine, 20 min)

– Overview

– Market needs and Trends

– COVID Risk Factor

3. Meltblown Electret and Its Role in Masks (Peter Tsai, 50 min)

– Masks and respirators

– Meltblowing process parameters and fabric properties

– Electrostatic charging technologies and charge durability

– Unique MB characteristics for masks to protect against SARS-CoV-2

4. An Outline of Current Face Covering Performance Requirements and

Testing (Janelle R. Bentz, 25 min)

– Terminology

· Types of face coverings

· Testing terminology

– Respirator testing and requirements

– Medical face mask testing and requirements

– Barrier face covering testing and requirements.

5. Trends for further growth


Peter Tsai, PhD, The University of Tennessee

Dr. Tsai has over 40 years of expertise in the development of meltblowing (MB) systems and the electrostatic charging (EC) of materials for making air filter electrets. The MB and the EC technologies developed by Dr. Tsai have been used in industries worldwide making a billion pieces of N95 of face masks, and many other applications in air filtration. He receives the three most prestigious awards from the University of Tennessee (UT) in recognition of his contribution to technology innovation and transfer. Dr. Tsai is entitled by AFS as a Fellow Member, famous for his invention of electret meltblown technologies for N95 facemask and air filtration applications.

Bob Mcilvaine, The Mcilvaine Company

Mr. Mcilvaine is President of the Mcilvaine Company which he founded in 1974. Filtration has been a major focus from the beginning. The company provides market research and technical evaluations on liquid and air filtration technology. Presently a great deal of effort is devoted to the HVAC filters and facemasks in the battle against COVID-19.

Janelle R. Bentz, MS, Nelson Laboratories

Janelle has been employed at Nelson Laboratories for nearly 6 years and is the department scientist in the Protective Barriers department of the company. As an expert in many of the surgical gown and drape and medical face mask and respirator standards, she helps oversee the testing in this section. As convener of ISO TC94/SC13/WG6, she helps lead standard development for testing medical protective clothing. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Brigham Young University in addition to responsibilities at Nelson Laboratories.

Christine Sun, PhD, Waterloo Filtration Institute

Dr. Christine Sun, President of Waterloo Filtration Institute, is a renowned technical and market expert in the global filtration industry. With over 30 years of experience in academia and the industry, she has an in-depth knowledge of filtration, extensive hands-on expertise in product development has over 100 technical publications and patents. She was AFS Chair from 2016-2017 and received the AFS Fellow Award in 2019, Sr. Scientist Award in 2012, and the best paper awards from INDA in 2008. She is also actively involved in multiple air/liquid filter test standard developments.

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