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Dr. Stephanie Taylor: Quantifying the Health Impact of IAQ

Join Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, at the 2024 ASHRAE Annual Conference for Seminar 51, "Ongoing Research into Developing IEQ Metrics," where she will address "Quantifying the Health Impact of IAQ".

Where: JW Marriott - Indianapolis, Grand Ballroom 7

When: Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:30 AM

Learning Objectives:

1.Describe requirements for an IEQ Standard that are different from those of

   an IAQ standard

2.Discuss the multisensory approach necessary for development of an IEQ metric(s)

3.Explain the possible use of health as an IEQ metric from a holistic approach

4.Describe the basic interactions between occupants and the built environment

About Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Dr. Stephanie Taylor, WFI Advisory Board Member, CEO and Founder of Building4Health, Inc., holds an MD from Harvard Medical School. Her journey began in pediatric oncology, where she explored cellular growth control mechanisms. During her clinical work, she realized the significant role the built environment played in patient healing and healthcare-associated infections. Eager to comprehend this connection, she pursued a Master's Degree in Architecture. Armed with a unique blend of medical and architectural insights, Dr. Taylor delved into research on indoor environments and their impact on clinical outcomes. Her findings unveiled the profound influence of indoor air quality on acute infections, chronic inflammation, cognitive impairment, and various diseases. Importantly, these conditions affected occupants in all building types. Dr. Taylor shares her expertise by writing for publications like Engineered Systems Magazine and healthcare journals. She serves as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, a member of the Environmental Health Committee, and a technical advisor on Indoor Air Quality for the US Green Building Council. Dr. Taylor's pioneering work unites healthcare, microbiology, and architecture, fundamentally shaping our understanding of indoor environments and human health.


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