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Air Filtration Training Course

Filter Media Technologies

An overview of filter media technologies was presented Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 and was the third installment in our course offerings for CFSS 2021.

Dr. Christine Sun instructed the course and provided valuable information on how Nonwovens and other filter media are used in making the filters we use daily. She also added new information about filter media and its uses. The class was well attended, and all left with a wealth of new material. We appreciated Mr. Brian Lane for joining us in the panel discussion to answer the questions.

Brian’s career is distinguished by his role in the successful transformation of Parker Hannifin’s Global Filtration Business as Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Innovation. His experience at Parker ranges from Industrial Process, Hydraulic & Lube, Air Pollution Control & HVAC, Gas Filtration & Separation, Water and Aerospace with leading-edge filtration, sensing and condition monitoring solutions. We are excited that he will join us for our next course to help address your questions.

Next Course: Air Filtration

On Tuesday, April 13th from 8-10 am EDT, our next course will provide more detailed information on Air Filtration. Find out what you can expect from the course:

The course will feature Ms. Kathleen Owen, Ashrae Fellow, President Owen Air Filtration and Dr. Christine Sun, President of WFI, as our instructors. Both of our instructors have many years of experience in performance, testing and applications involved in Air Filtration. This course will be an introduction to air filtration. It will provide you with an overall understanding of air filtration principles, technologies, and applications in various market segments, such as HVAC, transportation, industrial dust removal, gas turbines, paint spray booths, clean rooms, hot gas filtration, air purification, personal protection, etc. The current emerging high demands for facemasks and air filtration associated with COVID-19 for public safety and health will also be discussed, along with new developments and trends in the global filtration market.

See More Courses in CFSS 2021 Education Program

WFI CFSS 2021 Education Program includes 22 professional training courses in F&S, especially developed and delivered by leading experts from academia and the global filtration industry. It covers air filtration, liquid filtration, filter media technologies, filtration market, and special filtration applications, such as hospital air filtration, gas phase filtration, cabin air filtration, engine air intake filtration, fuel/oil/lube/hydraulic filtration, facemask market & technologies.


Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities. It gains company recognition in the filtration community and shows your peers that you are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry with technological advancement and continuous innovation. Find out more about the benefits here.


Distinguished Panelist for the Air Filtration Course

For the Air Filtration course, WFI is excited to have Dr. Vijayakumar as a special panelist. He is a globally recognized expert and mentors in contamination control and filtration. He is the founder and head of AERFIL. Currently, he chairs standards development committees at the ISO and in the US writing standards for high-efficiency filtration and filter media used in cleanrooms, hospitals, and indoor environments.


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