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WFI successfully hosted the webinar: Air filtration & Facemask Update on COVID-19

Waterloo Filtration Institute hosted its 3rd open educational webinar today to provide the latest update on air filtration and facemasks in response to COVID-19. We had about 200 registered participants from different parts of the world.

It was a comprehensive and informative webinar. For that, we would like to acknowledge our distinguished speakers and panelists for their excellent presentation and contribution.

Bob Mcilvaine, Mcilvaine company, Air Filtration Market Response to COVID-19

Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE 52.2 Chair, COVID-19 Response Update from ASHRA

Sean O'Reilly, AAF/Flanders, Update from Air Filtration Practice

Stephen Nicholas, Air Industrial Services, Lessons Learned from the Field

Kari Luukkonen, Fibertex, New Developments in Facemasks

Eric Fu, Aimwell Australia, New Update of PAPRs

Leonard Castellano, Parker, New Developments in air filtration

John Zhang, 3M; Bob Burkhead, Blue Heaven Tech; Vijay R, Aerfil; Gajanan Bhat, Univ. of Georgia, Al Vatine, LMS Tech., Jim Rosenthal, Tex-Air Filters, Kevin Jameson, PureAir Filtration; Christine Sun, and Mitch McCreary of WFI.

Live Q&A took place right after the speakers’ presentation with great inputs from the attendees and interactions with the speakers/panelists. John addressed the questions on virus filtration performance with their recent findings and Al answered the questions on virus filtration efficiency. Bob M., Kari, Kathleen, Sean, Bob B. also answered the questions from the attendees. To access the full list of Q&A, please check our Webinar Q&A Session

To all our attendees today, we THANK YOU for taking the time from your busy schedule to participate in this event. It would not be possible to have such a successful seminar without your participation. We look forward to seeing you soon in our continuous educational programs.

If you missed our session or could not attend today, you can watch the video HERE.

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